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The Infamous RussianBox
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The Infamous RussianBox
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The Russian Box
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Russian Box
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The Russian Box is a proven sport-specific power training tool used in a vast array of fitness and strength training centers worldwide for the past 14 years.


Product Description

For explosive leg power and unparalleled results when it comes to lower body strength and speed; The Russian Box provides a unique workout which encompasses the athlete’s overall balance, speed, agility and overall core strength.

Although The Russian Box was originally designed and utilized in hockey training centers for being a specific skating range of motion workout. Over the years all sports that require single leg explosive power either on the field, on the courts, or on the ice (ie Football, Rugby, Tennis, Soccer, or Overall H.I.I.T style Training) have realized the benefits the workout brings to their specific athletic training and overall physical workouts. The Russian Box has been utilized by thousands of strength and conditioning coaches world-wide for youth sports training centers, high school prep programs and even professional national leagues such as the NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA programs, and Olympic Training Centers.

TP FITNESS has been building The Russian Box for over 14 years; we do not waiver in quality when it comes to providing the best and most durable equipment that delivers immediate results to our athletic clients. Proven results and overall athletic body transformations can be achieved with the use of this unique training exercise. Do not be fooled by gimmicks made in China or otherwise copied trying to make a footprint on the importance of this plyometric exercise; TP FITNESS delivers our clients the best of the best and it shows through our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

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Weight 325 lbs


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