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100% Skating Specific Workout – Agility-Power-Speed-Explosiveness-Coordination-Balance-Cardio-Core Power

From the football field to the off-ice hockey dryland facilities, teams looking to gain that explosive edge over their competition have come to recognize The Russian Box™ as their #1 source for single legged explosive power!

Joe Finley - NHL ... Exploding off with Single Legged Power

Joe Finley - Explosive Single Leg Jumps on TP Fitness Russian Boxes

Below is a step by step demonstration of this Explosive Single Leg Workout

Low Center of Gravity - Core Balance ... Courtesy of Hattrick Sports Training Center - St Louis Park, MN

Initiate Single Leg Extension and Explosive Jump off Russian Box Platform

Explode with Power for HEIGHT!!! not lateral

The Russian Box Workout


Landing with controlled, balanced, low center of gravity position on opposite side... and repeat


-Skating Range of Motion-

-Single Leg Explosive Power-

We know those of you who use these training tools are tough, and mean business, that’s why as you can tell TP Fitness builds SOLID equipment from STEEL and delivers to YOU, a lifetime guarantee on our products. Built in the heartland of the USA. Our customers know that what they buy from TP Fitness is solid, it works, and we deliver quality which in turn brings out quality results in each and every athlete that uses The Russian Box™!

If your training requires explosive side to side agility strength training, try The Russian Box™ and your leg power will drastically increase. Your ability to out-power and overcome your opponents strength will be obvious. Forget squat and leg press training, train in the range of motion your going to create out on the field, on the ice, etc. Take it from the professionals in the football and hockey industry today… their results with their athletes speak volumes to the end results you will acquire after training on this device.

We supply products for Youth, High School, Collegiate, and Professional, and even Olympic strength training facilities! Get the right equipment, that lasts a life time and brings results at the lowest cost possible. TP Fitness sells at our wholesale market price to every client, no mark-ups! You won’t see us advertising in magazines, our business for the last 8 years has been all word of mouth and referrals from one strength coach to the next! See for yourself, we do our homework, and we provide you with equipment that is no gimmick or quick sell, just the real deal !!!

The Russian Box™ from Total Power Fitness is superior training equipment…works not only your speed, explosiveness and agility, but teaches shot control, core strength, and hard line intensity. Custom paint jobs are available upon request. New 2012 models are custom fabricated to enhance the means of setup and take down with complete ease and adjustability. Our patented design is one of a kind and offers simply the BEST off-ice skating-specific workout around. The Russian Box™ can be implemented into a single station workout or ‘Run-Thru’ workout when multiple units are staggered in succession. See Below Clip

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  • Read the current testimonials to learn how its helped others just like you! And then take a look at some our of most recent clients… and you’ll ask yourself… if THEY’RE using it, why haven’t I started using The Russian Box™!?

We can’t name them all, but here’s a small batch of those who have placed their trust in TP FITNESS and who train on The Russian Box™!

“Mastering the game of hockey comes from mastering the fundamentals.

Skating is top priority. The better you skate, the better you play,

period. The Russian Box™ may just be the best fundamental training tool for

hockey players. No cables, pulleys, or machines…just one solid training piece that

if used will absolutely increase speed, balance and power.

I am happy to recommend and support The Russian Box™ 150%.”

Peter Dale,

Former Collegiate Ice Hockey Player

5 Time Roller Hockey World Champion

Founder of USA Clinics, The #1 Roller Hockey Instructional Program in the Country Russian Box The Russian Box Russian Plyo Box Hockey Plyo Box Plyo Boxes Strength Explosive Power Hockey Football Leg Training